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Whatever your sector or requirements, we are able to provide a wide range of flooring solutions

Whether you want flooring installed during a new install or repairs and maintenance of existing surfaces, THC Midlands can do it.

Resin flood screed -A durable sealed surface, ideal for a variety of industries due to its ability to withstand a number of harsh chemicals. It has great anti-slip properties, is extremely water resistant and can be installed in a wide range of colours. We use three-part epoxy and polyurethane based systems that can be applied at different thicknesses allowing a fall to gullies or drainage.

Wooden flooring - Used to construct suspended walkways in industrial roof spaces and raised platforms within factory workshops.

Open grid flooring - An anti-fire alternative to wooden walkways, commonly used where additional drainage or ventilation is required such as bottling plants, gantries, industrial roof spaces and areas where chemicals are in use.

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